May 26, 2011

time goes by

four days of the second semester test have past. uoooo i'm gonna have about three days of the 'unusual' holiday starting tomorrow but the second semester test will be continue for the next monday-___-"

well guys, i dont think this post is about my dreams no more, but i'm gonna share you some photos and wonderful time that i have had with my 'crazymates'. for me bibeh, going crazy with my friends is the best moment ever! believe it or not, friends are the one which will give effect to our life beside our family, am i right? no? okay then move on .......

we called our 'freaky' class senampagi (sepuluh enam pada gila) it means ten-6 is crazy. well, obviously that's totally true. we are freaky awesome, freaky genius, freaky cool, freaky abnormal haha-,-

everyone is happy:)

my girls people ><

see our happy faces? we did having soo much fun, not only that. we even cried together becaaaaause....... yes! the goodbye :"( it's like the time is super fast, as i remembered yesterday we were meeting each other for the first time. hey, what's your name? i remembered those words that came out from them. well, time is time baby. we still have to moving on. thanks god, you gave me the perfect experience for having friends like all of them (^ʃƪ^)

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