December 11, 2010

cross my finger

ooooh -__-' it's been a very busy month*uuugh
i've done final test for my first semester, then i'm now waiting for my report of my score since the past six months. oh well, i'm now doing NOTHING in this *unpleasant* holiday. but yesterday, i remembered that my sister had borrowed me a dvd about Korean drama. she said that it had showed on tv, but because i was too busy about school things*eeeaaa. that's why i didn't have time to watch some tv series. so anyway, i started to watch the 'personal taste' and honestly at first i felt bored, but that i became curious. so, i felt in love the story and also the soundtrack of the series. HAHA here, check out this lee min ho's picture

i realize that lee min ho is waaaaaay better in personal taste that in boys before flowers. honestly, i'm not a person who really like korean actors or actresses. so, lets talk about something else.

im going to go to bandung to visit my beloved sister there, she said that she had found a Hawaiian restaurant at bandung. ooooh im so very exited to go there, i miss hawaii so much. so, i hope this holiday will be great, hope i will have pleasant time too, hope i can gather with all my family and friends, and hope nothing bad will happen*cross my finger*. happy holiday everyone

October 09, 2010

welcome for everyone

it's October 10th. and my last post was on September 13th. ohman! that was long enough for a blogger to post new post right? haha
i had faced UTS last week, and now i'm one of the LO for saman dance on HSC34. that's why i'm kinda busy for checking my blog*ea ea ea. well, not as busy as my friends who are the main official for high school celebration 34, yipeee!

so guys, why don't you all come to HSC34? i'ts welcome for everyone. especially for my friends on jhs haha

psst.. don't you think that this post some kind of promotion? haha well, you thought CORRECTLY!