May 26, 2011

time goes by

four days of the second semester test have past. uoooo i'm gonna have about three days of the 'unusual' holiday starting tomorrow but the second semester test will be continue for the next monday-___-"

well guys, i dont think this post is about my dreams no more, but i'm gonna share you some photos and wonderful time that i have had with my 'crazymates'. for me bibeh, going crazy with my friends is the best moment ever! believe it or not, friends are the one which will give effect to our life beside our family, am i right? no? okay then move on .......

we called our 'freaky' class senampagi (sepuluh enam pada gila) it means ten-6 is crazy. well, obviously that's totally true. we are freaky awesome, freaky genius, freaky cool, freaky abnormal haha-,-

everyone is happy:)

my girls people ><

see our happy faces? we did having soo much fun, not only that. we even cried together becaaaaause....... yes! the goodbye :"( it's like the time is super fast, as i remembered yesterday we were meeting each other for the first time. hey, what's your name? i remembered those words that came out from them. well, time is time baby. we still have to moving on. thanks god, you gave me the perfect experience for having friends like all of them (^ʃƪ^)

May 07, 2011

de Paris

here i am! been gone for a while but i'm back :D so many things happened since the past two months. sad things happy things cool things. but today i'm not going to share with you about those stories

anyway i've been dreaming about paris for about 3 days, and i start to search some pictures that show about that lovely tower, and the city of love wow it was totally gorgeous! i'm not quite sure that i can go there before finishing college. but we'll see amin yaAllah! it's good to have dreams right? even "i think" i've read a quote tells that dreams are the key to everything, soo come on follow your dreams

look at those pink balloons, it's a perfect match with the eiffel tower. i'm quite impressed with the architectural you know. aah... the city of love, i wondered about the people and also the cuisine yummy. someday i'll have breakfast or dinner in Les Deux Magots and La Tour D Argent ooh lovely! you guys have watch Ratatoullie right? i really love that movie, especially the 'remy in the top of Gusteau's restaurant for the first time' part, but in the beggining of the movie it said that 'the best food in the world is made in French, the best food in French is made in Paris' PARIS people! that was the first time i interested in paris ^o^

lalalala see you paris for the next couple of years

pst... sorry for the terrible grammar

February 28, 2011

plan sav-ing

time is really fast, right? and everyday the clock is tick tockING
the last post that i posted in this blog is about how i started the holiday after first semester test. WELL, now i'm going to face the middle test of my second semester in grade 10. what a -,-". but no worries, life must go on isnt it? even i really want to escape from this exhaust
ed life *haha*

anyway, how are you people??
i'm doing nothing special now in my ordinary days. almost everyday i check my twitter, facebook, tumbrl, online shopping, etc. but not blog honestly eheee. oh almost forgot, chec
k out my tumbrl and follow my twitter!/fiannaaa and i also you can describe me in three words

skip for that section,
this month i prefer to saving money to buy crocs, cookie monster doll, and cookie monster school bag. i'm really looking forward to sesame street hihi :)

next month, which is on third march. i'm going to blablabla, maybe some of you understand, right? and i hope after the middle semester test, mom will give me permission for me to go to bandung to visit my lovely sister which is really stress about her busy life since on ITB. see you there teh!
aloha for now, bye bye ^^

December 11, 2010

cross my finger

ooooh -__-' it's been a very busy month*uuugh
i've done final test for my first semester, then i'm now waiting for my report of my score since the past six months. oh well, i'm now doing NOTHING in this *unpleasant* holiday. but yesterday, i remembered that my sister had borrowed me a dvd about Korean drama. she said that it had showed on tv, but because i was too busy about school things*eeeaaa. that's why i didn't have time to watch some tv series. so anyway, i started to watch the 'personal taste' and honestly at first i felt bored, but that i became curious. so, i felt in love the story and also the soundtrack of the series. HAHA here, check out this lee min ho's picture

i realize that lee min ho is waaaaaay better in personal taste that in boys before flowers. honestly, i'm not a person who really like korean actors or actresses. so, lets talk about something else.

im going to go to bandung to visit my beloved sister there, she said that she had found a Hawaiian restaurant at bandung. ooooh im so very exited to go there, i miss hawaii so much. so, i hope this holiday will be great, hope i will have pleasant time too, hope i can gather with all my family and friends, and hope nothing bad will happen*cross my finger*. happy holiday everyone

October 09, 2010

welcome for everyone

it's October 10th. and my last post was on September 13th. ohman! that was long enough for a blogger to post new post right? haha
i had faced UTS last week, and now i'm one of the LO for saman dance on HSC34. that's why i'm kinda busy for checking my blog*ea ea ea. well, not as busy as my friends who are the main official for high school celebration 34, yipeee!

so guys, why don't you all come to HSC34? i'ts welcome for everyone. especially for my friends on jhs haha

psst.. don't you think that this post some kind of promotion? haha well, you thought CORRECTLY!