February 28, 2011

plan sav-ing

time is really fast, right? and everyday the clock is tick tockING
the last post that i posted in this blog is about how i started the holiday after first semester test. WELL, now i'm going to face the middle test of my second semester in grade 10. what a -,-". but no worries, life must go on isnt it? even i really want to escape from this exhaust
ed life *haha*

anyway, how are you people??
i'm doing nothing special now in my ordinary days. almost everyday i check my twitter, facebook, tumbrl, online shopping, etc. but not blog honestly eheee. oh almost forgot, chec
k out my tumbrl http://fiannaaa.tumblr.com and follow my twitter http://twitter.com/#!/fiannaaa and i also you can describe me in three words http://threewords.me/fiannaaa

skip for that section,
this month i prefer to saving money to buy crocs, cookie monster doll, and cookie monster school bag. i'm really looking forward to sesame street hihi :)

next month, which is on third march. i'm going to blablabla, maybe some of you understand, right? and i hope after the middle semester test, mom will give me permission for me to go to bandung to visit my lovely sister which is really stress about her busy life since on ITB. see you there teh!
aloha for now, bye bye ^^