May 07, 2011

de Paris

here i am! been gone for a while but i'm back :D so many things happened since the past two months. sad things happy things cool things. but today i'm not going to share with you about those stories

anyway i've been dreaming about paris for about 3 days, and i start to search some pictures that show about that lovely tower, and the city of love wow it was totally gorgeous! i'm not quite sure that i can go there before finishing college. but we'll see amin yaAllah! it's good to have dreams right? even "i think" i've read a quote tells that dreams are the key to everything, soo come on follow your dreams

look at those pink balloons, it's a perfect match with the eiffel tower. i'm quite impressed with the architectural you know. aah... the city of love, i wondered about the people and also the cuisine yummy. someday i'll have breakfast or dinner in Les Deux Magots and La Tour D Argent ooh lovely! you guys have watch Ratatoullie right? i really love that movie, especially the 'remy in the top of Gusteau's restaurant for the first time' part, but in the beggining of the movie it said that 'the best food in the world is made in French, the best food in French is made in Paris' PARIS people! that was the first time i interested in paris ^o^

lalalala see you paris for the next couple of years

pst... sorry for the terrible grammar

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